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Help transracially adopted children like our daughter find their place in the world image

Help transracially adopted children like our daughter find their place in the world

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$3,500 towards $3,000

Our daughter was only four days old when we brought her home. We were not prepared for what came next.

When we adopted Maya, our hearts overflowed with love for her. We were motivated by good intentions and the certainty that there was room in our family for her. What we did not know at the time were the unique challenges that lay ahead for her as a Black adopted child in a White family. We needed help to be the best parents we could be to Maya. We needed Transracial Journeys.

Transracial Journeys (TRJ) is a nonprofit that brings families with transracially adopted children together to learn, grow, share joys and fears, and tackle complex issues like racisim. We benefit from programming guided by leading thinkers in the field of transracial adoption that provides parents with the resources, skills, and understanding to support their children. The highlight each year is the TRJ summer camp where our daughter can unapologetically be herself with other children who share her background.

We can afford the TRJ summer camp but not all families can. In addition, a dozen families this year had to be turned away because our camp budget could not accommodate them. For this reason, we are offering a 1:1 match for the first $1,000 in gifts between now and December 31 from our family and friends to widen the circle so that other parents with transracially adopted children can have the same amazing experience we have had.

Thank you for helping us improve our small corner of the world.


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