Rebecca Howe

Rebecca Howe's Fundraiser



$140 towards $1,500

Help support our phenomenal Anti-Racist Adoption community!

We have been participating in Transracial Journeys since the beginning, and this organization has transformed our family, and now it’s growing! Join me in supporting real change.

Your donation will help us transform Transracial Journeys from a predominantly volunteer-driven effort into a more sustainable organization that can provide year-round learning and growth opportunities for transracially adopted children, transracially adopted staff, and adoptive parents.

Your help will pave the way for Black and Brown transracially adopted children like Emma and Sayber and so many of their friends into young adulthood to be unapologetically themselves and experience safe spaces to grow and find their places in the world. Your support will equip adoptive parents like us with the knowledge, confidence, and language to actively commit to the deep work needed to support our children and disrupt racism in a unique way.

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping me meet my goal for Transracial Journeys.

~Designed by Emma Howerd~